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No. of Total Flights handled

No. of Total Flights Handled


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Vehicle Mechanics Competent Persons and Mechanics

List of data available below:

-Competent Persons (Class 6):



-Registered Vehicle Mechanics:


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Driving Pattern Of Mini Bus
You can find 1) date 2) type of the recorded warning alert 3) current speed of the minibus in the API.
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Best Estimate Bus Schedule Time

The API provides best estimate bus schedule time in different route in real-time.

Please input the information to get the information:

1. Route Number

2. Direction

3. Numer of stop

Then, it will provide you the best estimate time of the bus arrival time.

This dataset is provided by .

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Car Park Availability

The API provides car park availability in Hong Kong, including,

1. Available car park slot

2. Longitude

3. Latitude

4. Address

5. Car Park Name

6.Car Park id

This data set is provided by .

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Get Uber Products

The  Products endpoint returns information about the Uber products offered at a given location. The response includes the display name and other details about each product, and lists the products in the proper display order. Some products, such as uberEATS, are not returned by this endpoint.


This endpoint does not reflect real-time availability of the products. Please use the Time Estimates endpoint to determine real-time availability and ETAs of products.


In some markets, the list of products returned from this endpoint may vary by the time of day due to time restrictions on when that product may be utilized.

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